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about the band

George Street is an indie-folk duo that has been playing together for fifteen years. The duo’s music centres around Greg Cacavas’ evocative song-writing, accompanied by Ryan Williams’ haunting and virtuosic recorder melodies. They shift from sentimental and tender songs to driving and lyrical tunes supported by Greg’s percussive style of guitar playing and Ryan’s brilliant improvisations. This little band performs on a large range of instruments to give each song its own unique flavour, with Greg using acoustic and electric guitars, banjo, baglama & ukulele and Ryan performing on at least seven different recorder sizes, from contrabass to sopranino. 

George Street enjoys producing nostalgic and catchy music perfect for restful and pensive times, and has recorded three EPs. Lone Black Dog (2020), the duo’s latest EP, is a departure from previous recordings and focuses on a dreamy sound-world, combining tender vocals, electric guitar and contrabass-recorder. Both Greg and Ryan are internationally recognised musicians, with Greg touring Canada and the US, and Ryan performing regularly in Europe and Japan. As George Street they have performed extensively throughout Victoria and southern Queensland, and regularly at inner city venues in Melbourne & Brisbane. George street is based between Melbourne and the Gold Coast.